Children without vaccinations denied admission to schools

Too many students do not meet vaccine regulations, police officers forced to intervene. Mayor Raggi says the new legislation is “confusing”

Pubblicato il 13/09/2017
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A 3 year-old boy on the way to his first day of nursery school in via Goldoni in Milano was denied entrance. The principal refused to enrol the child because he did not comply with the school’s vaccination standards. The parents declined to provide a certificate attesting to having vaccinated their son by March 10: “We object to ever vaccinate our son,” they said. The parents proceeded to call the police, however, they were unable to convince the principal to admit the child. The parents said they would refer themselves to the Regional Administrative Tribunal.  

This isn’t an anomalous case. In Milan alone, 19,000 out of 33,000 children were refused entrance because the parents hadn’t provided the necessary documentation or self- certifications and yesterday, they decided not take their children to school. 


Another example in Sesto San Giovanni, a comune in Milan, where a child wasn’t admitted for the same reason. The parents filed a compliant. The Regional Health Councillor Giulio Gallero disapproves of these incidents: “It’s exactly what we have been trying to avoid,” he said. The Lombard coordinator of the Forza Italia party, Mariastella Gemini, asserted: “These episodes are a litmus test of the government’s inability to handle an issue that affects every Italian family,” she said. Health Minister Beatrice Lorenzin tried to downplay the incidents: “There is a big different between chaos and isolated events.”  


Maybe not a chaos yet but there are certainly more single episodes than the 19,000 already recorded. In Padova, there were ten. A mother in the town of Latisana in the province of Udine, posted about the incident on Facebook and treated to pursue legal charges.  


“Shocking… And we are still here? And already…Let’s see who else we have to call after the police officers and marshall…” Yesterday morning they allowed her daughter to enter school premises but it is unclear what will happen in the next few days. The situation was worse for a foreign child from the comune Pasiano in the province of Pordeno who wasn’t admitted to school because he didn’t comply with the vaccination rules. In Pasiano, there were another 12 children without certificates who didn’t even show up to school. There are at least another 97 reported cases in Rome. Donatella Gentilini, dean of a school in via Aretusa, said that at the moment there are at least 15 percent of school children who do not comply with the regulations. 


A short conversation took place in Rome between the mayor Virginia Raggi and the Health Minister Beatrice Lorenzin. Raggi wrote a letter to Lorenzin and Fedeli in protest: “The new legislation on vaccine prevention is confusing, with little clarification and is applied differently by the Communes and Regions.” In the evening, the two ministers replied with a series of technical details and added that their office will “closely monitor the correct implementation of the provisions.” The two ministers  


will “promptly reply to all cases that failed to properly apply them.” Lorenz and Fedeli expressed “appreciation for government decision to align the provisions delineated in the vaccine circulars.” 


*Translated by Talia Abbas